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2003-10-31 With Grand Mom

2003-10-25 On the Peak .

2003-10-12 BB Play Badminton

2003-10-04 BB on Water Front Park

Aden Le Yan, Choi

Poems about 50th birthday

I was born on December 20, 2002 at St. Teresa Hospital.

I weight 3.2 kg with 42 cm height.. Hmm, a bit too small, however, I will be a big boy... oops.... should be a Big man, since my parent..

Actually, my dad is 180cm tall, and weight.. sorry can't say any on this topic.

So I will grow up and up and away...

Ernie on video 2005-09-03



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My Little Brother on 2005-03-11

New Member


Click me.. Click me again... Click me again & again ...

Sabah trip in 2004

My New Activities:..........

The Guestbook has been reactivated!!....More...

On my birthday, also celebrate the launching of my new blog site ....More...

BB is no more a BB, but a little boy now, sometimes, I just wonder how fast the time fly, since this is only less that 3 years when we first knew that the little angel would come to the world. He changed the way that we lived, and he also changed the world, either my inner or outer world....More...


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kentucky derby and past performances 4-11-19

It is Mom's birthday day, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU", and you can also see my new picture in teh Halloween day....More...

Sin Yin B-day, and we all go to her in0house party, this is not a easy way, take the train and then teh taxi to the southern part of the island. BB seem getting much much active now, he yell all the way, and seem to be more more like a kid than a BB....More...

It is just a day, I sudden found taht my BB is turning to a boy, he getting nasty, he getting his own favourite, he getting pp in bathroom. From when we discover that your boy is an individual, and he is getting one and half year old. He starting to ask for going pepe, he start to smile and kiss daddy and mummy. All I know this is my lovely boy, and I can do anything for him. Aden, this is from your dad and mom, we love you so much....More...

Today is the International Childern Day, I usually never care about this. However, being a father, I am getting more sensitive...I pick today as the day for celebrating my boy's 17 months and 12 days birthday. Aden, daddy love you....More...

It is DD b-day. It is a sweet family, DD, MM and BB....He cried last night , whenever I passed him to kaka, he cried again, so.... we all slept together on the same bed....More...

BB Get it big tooth out already. Wow... 9 teeth in total lah!! 4 in upper and 4 inlower jaw and 1 biiiiig tooth at the back. It is just a miracle, you can never imagine that a tiny BB can grow in that way.....More...

It is BB first birthday... time fly and we never able to count, however, BB will tell how fast the time fly. BB loves DD and MM, and DD & MM loves BB....More...

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theatre :
It is a nice day, and also a family BBQ day...BB slept for the 1st half, and waked just in time...when the food were ready. It is sometime can't believe that Hong Kong has such a nice place for BBQ or picnic. However, we forgot to take a family picture....More...

It is BB' s cousin
' s wedding. Wow! This is the first wedding BB ever be. Sound really excited, however, it not finished until almost 11:00pm, BB getting tired, and he pissed. Oops, too bad, especially for his new, smart and handsome pant...More...

BB watching other kids playing in the playground... Suddenly, I feel his loneliness, you will never feel that once you born in a big family with 8 kids, however, be a only child, it is never the same matter. I feel so great that my parent did give out their whole life for their own kids, and let me feel about the brotherhood... hmmm, my boy, what do you think... Be good to your mom.

BB played with grand mom today... Grand mom is a typical Chinese parent, she put her whole life for the kids, and .... my tear come out... this is my mom, my lovely mother, the most important woman in my life... Mom... I love you.

I took BB to peak for dinner, right before that BB visit my office the first time, this boy cried for 10 minutes after he met two men, but he started to laugh after playing with two other girls... Hmmm... What a boy...

We takes BB to play badminton, he like to go outdoor...

BB on the Tai Po Water Front Park, he like to touch those plant, however, he seemed to be too tired and sleep for the whole evening.

BB has fever tonight, it scared me. It is 39 degree, I really scared, this is my BB, he has to  be ok.

BB on the train, it is so good, and BB laught all the time. I truely believe that, it is the God who send BB to us, and bring the happiness to our life.

BB Sleep... It is such a peaceful and cute BB. DD will try my best to bring up my angel.
r teeth from the top, wow!!

BB get 2 teeth at the lower jaw and 1 coming from the upper. It is hard to catch the teething picture.
Live seems to be complicate and difficult, but it shouldn't for BB, our angel.

BB is teething now, a big one from lower jaw, and it seems that another one is coming from the upper jaw. Wow!!

BB Crawls...hmmm... actually...he swim on the floor...

Mommy left, and BB sad... daddy sad...

We went again, and finally, we took the picture. Haha

We went to Tai Mei Tuk to let BB feel the nature, and bring the DC... but forget to put in the CF card...What a shame!!
We stay on the dam for a few hours, BB really like it. I really feel that BB should grow with the mother nature

We take BB to Monkok, and he is really attacted by all the new stuff, and people.

Mommy back!!

BB drinks with cup and straw, he seems to be teething, too. All of them are so wonderful that it shows the miracle of life

BB "boo boo" again in the morning, and I have to do the diaper change... Sigh...
Wow!! BB stand by himself!!!!

2003-07-24 :
BB starts to mumble a lot, but I still not understand what he means yet.

BB starts to tab my shoulder, it is so warm

-- We get a new play pan for the BB

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